The range of linguistic services offered encompasses translation, multilingual project management, software and website localisation and proofreading services.


Translation of your technical documents:

Instructions for use – Technical sheets – User/technical manuals – Catalogues – Specifications/standards, etc.

Translation of your communication media:

Marketing texts – Newsletters – Brochures – Corporate literature – Publications – Annual reports, etc.

Documents are accepted in a number of formats, including Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint and PDF.

 Website and Software localisation

Online help – Application software – E-Commerce/E-Business – Applications for mobile phones/web applications, etc.


Proofreading of German target texts (translation)

Proofreading/screening of German target texts (translation) combined with translation checking against the source text (original)

 Multilingual project management

Coordination of translator teams

A-Z management of your translation project
* Before accepting a proofreading project the target text is checked for compliance with minimum quality requirements. Texts which have been translated using an automatic translation tool will be refused.