Translating is not simply about transforming words into another language. Linguistic competence in the native and source language, as well as technical know-how in the required fields of expertise and knowledge of the cultural background of the target language, are also important requirements.


Get the most out of your documents and enhance your profitability.


Your documents are the showcase for your products and services. If you want them to promote the desired image in the international marketplace you need to address the targeted audience with an impeccable linguistic approach and without any cultural faux pas.


Only a professional translator working in his native language and familiar with the way of life and thinking in the target country will communicate your message effectively and in a way which is tailored to your needs – and ultimately add to your success.


KLTranslate offers high quality linguistic services that are carefully adapted to the targeted audience.


On the following pages you will find detailed information about the range of linguistic services offered by KLTranslate (technical and marketing translation, localisation, proofreading) and my own qualifications and professional experience as a translator into German and a multilingual project manager. Do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone for further information, a free quotation or to discuss a specific project.