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For confidentiality reasons the exact references are not cited on this website.


  • Maintenance manual for traction transformers
  • Maintenance manual for agricultural machinery
  • User, installation and maintenance manual for milk cooling tanks
  • Sales manual for agricultural machinery dealers
  • Spare parts catalogue for agricultural machinery
  • Online catalogue for card printers
  • Online help for document converter software
  • Localisation of simulation software for mechanical procedures
  • Web pages of a business communications solutions provider
  • Human resources training documents
  • Training documents for service station personnel
  • Information letter for oil company personnel
  • Medical articles for a specialised website
  • Marketing brochures in the following fields:
    • agricultural machinery
    • golf equipment
    • speech recognition software
    • document converter software
  • Marketing documents for creative lighting
  • Website on creative leisure
  • Event press releases / Tourist brochures
  • Articles for a modern art exhibition



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